About Wildlife Direct

About Wildlife Direct I think I can dig up 5 bucks for these folks. Take a look at the great (I think essential) work they are doing.

Here is a link where you can easily contribute a few dollars to the work at Wildlife Direct. http://ewasolions.wildlifedirect.org/2010/05/07/you-are-now-able-to-donate/

4 thoughts on “About Wildlife Direct

  1. Hi Dear Trish, I am so glad you posted this. I don’t know why I’d not heard of them. I love this and going to look into it. I am grateful you posted the link to them here. I just opened it now. I love the idea of an organization like this taking something as low as $5. I have often told orgs. that I’ve been involved with that they need to drop their minimal donation from 25 to 5 dollars and they would make more money. Even kids could donate. I also just love you for caring so much.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Well I hadn’t heard of them either till one of my tweeps posted a link a few days ago. What did we ever do without twitter?! Micro blogs, micro donations, it all works beautifully. Every org. should look at the micro donation as a way to fuel the change they seek. Look at what Obama did with all of the small donations to his campaign. Small steps can actually take us anywhere we like :). I also love you for all you do Robin. Good to see you here.

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