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I have had many lifetimes within this very same incarnation. This was one of the major ones. I include it here because I mention the violin from time to time on my blog and elsewhere. In this post, Giving Up Intelligence there is quite a lot more on my teacher, Kato Havas, and why I went to study with her if that is of interest to you.


Caitie and Hellena helping each other get it right


Violin Coaching
Beginning to Advanced   
Bach to Bluegrass



A lifetime of music and violin study culminated with six years in England studying with Kato Havas, best known here for her book A New Approach to Violin Playing. The New Approach uses the natural balances of body and mind to find the ease and fluidity of movement that is necessary to beautiful music making.


In addition to 12 years of teaching all ages and levels privately I have taught at Michael Hall School in Sussex, England, The Community School of Music and Art in Palo Alto, California, and at Ensign Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah.


In the San Francisco Bay Area I played with the Pacific Philharmonic, Nova Vista Symphony, Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, The Hidden Valley Opera Orchestra and the Savoyard’s (the enthusiastic purveyors of Gilbert and Sullivan) at Stanford University. In England I played with the Oxford Symphony, Saint Giles Orchestra and co-founded The Oxford Chamber Orchestra.


Musical expression is a deep desire that most of us share. If that desire is correctly nurtured it can lead to depths of joy and satisfaction rarely experienced elsewhere. In a world where the soul is pummeled on a daily basis perhaps music is more important than ever. Time spent with music is the opportunity to commune with the best of what humanity has to offer.

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