It’s Been a Very Good Year

I haven’t been blogging much so I’ll just catch up with this post. Besides hiking 800 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail this spring and summer, this is my other accomplishment for the year. National Novel Writing Month Winner! Yes, it’s been a hell of a good year!


You Can Read My Book on Kindle!!!


She’s done it again. The phenomenal Lea Pihlman, who translated my book into Finnish awhile back, contacted me yesterday to ask if she might set it up for Kindle under Tailbook Press. Are you kidding? Of course!!! And when Lea decides to do something, it was done yesterday! So you can read it in Finnish from your Kindle or you can read it in English! Here it is, An Introduction To Communication With Animals And Nature – A Journey Toward Wholeness [Kindle Edition] !!!

I AM that old woman On the PCT

In the PURPLE BLAZE pack

With neon pink running shorts that don’t go and don’t suit me
I am spending my SS on UL backpacking gear
And Bedrock sandals, and say I’ve no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the trail when I’m tired
And gobble up samples in shops, run my trekking polls along the wrong path,
Learn to spit, blow snot rockets and poop in the woods
This is a warning
I AM TrailTrish

Piercing the Illusion of Relationships

Jay Schryer is an online friend I have known through Facebook for several years now. I have always enjoyed his insights and unique take on “reality”. Today he posted what I think is at the essence of relationships. Even though I was once married for 12 years I have never actually gone all the way to piercing the illusion then going on to enjoy the fruits of the labor. My life was never meant to go that direction. I do, though, see the truth in what he writes here through watching my sons who have both gone all the way to beautiful lasting relationships. Thank you Jay, for agreeing to being a guest blogger here.


In the beginning, all relationships are illusion.

The illusion of who he thinks she is, and the illusion of who she thinks he is. The illusion of who she wants him to think she is, and the illusion of who he wants her to think he is. His best foot forward, her best foot forward, and both of them dancing to the twin tunes of expectations and projections. “I believe you are *this*, will you please see me as *that*?” “If you ignore *this*, I’ll ignore *that*, and we can perpetuate this illusion until our facades crack and the walls come tumblin (crumblin tumblin) down.”

It’s only then, after the walls have crumbled and the illusions have been pierced, that true knowing can begin. When the projections of perfection have shattered and revealed the broken messes inside, and when the shadows have eclipsed the egos, spilling out the “mama never loved me”s and the “daddy was never there for me”s; hot buttons of trigger words and raw pain.

Then (and only then) can true love begin to flow through the broken pieces, healing and restoring, strengthening and straightening the inner disasters that fill each of us, thereby pouring a solid foundation for the future.

JayFBphotoJay Schryer tells stories, and some of them are even true. When he’s not creating new worlds of science fiction and fantasy, he blogs about the intersection of spirituality and “real” life at

My New Ride

I have just met a major life goal!!! I feel like superwoman!!!

It may not seem like much but I have wanted, for years, to be able to rely less on my car. Since I live over 3 miles from town, that has been a matter of being able to walk or bike the miles it takes to get to town, do my chores and, more importantly, be able to get back home alive.

Since deciding to do the PCT (way more miles a day than it takes to do a shopping trip to town) I have been walking to town a few times a week. That has been working out well but it does take a lot of time.

A couple of years ago I got a nice bike. It’s purple. Some of you KNOW what that means. It’s special. But when I got on it, my legs turned to wet noodles after a spin around the block. So I’ve been walking all these miles but biking has just been out of reach.


Well I am proud to announce that with my strength building regimen and far more walking and climbing than I’ve done before, I AM AT LAST ABLE TO RIDE MY BIKE INTO TOWN, AROUND TOWN, AND BACK AGAIN, WITHOUT FALLING OVER WHEN I GET OFF AT THE END OF THE RIDE!!! WooHoo!!!

So I have met a longtime goal of being able to get to town on my own steam whenever I like!

For my next trick I will walk from Mexico to Canada. Stay tuned.