Becoming Other

If you want to explore intuitive animal communication for yourself, the poems in this section comprise a little exercise which can help you get a feel for and empathy with other beings. When first approaching animal communication it can be helpful to simply get some practice imagining yourself as something other than your usual human self. It helps to smooth the way toward the subtle change of focus which is essential in opening to beings whose inner lives are unfamiliar. It’s pretty easy to imagine yourself as a horse once you get over feeling silly for doing something so childish. In fact I would love you to be childlike with this. You can re-discover your inner child as a bonus! Remember how the crowd roared when you pitched that no-hitter for the Yankees in the seventh game of the World Series? How your team swarmed around you, slapped you around in joyous exuberance and hoisted you to their shoulders while the fans swarmed around them? OMG What a moment! Go for that. For you women who didn’t have dreams of pitching no-hitters in the World Series, you will have to come up with your own images. I was a tom boy and haven’t a clue what the other girls were imagining in their dreams. Perhaps being the youngest woman to receive an Emmy for best actress? Everyone will have their own recollections of this sort of young exploration of the world through lifelike fantasys. Maybe some of you didn’t have these sorts of fantasies as a child. That would be sad, but you know, I’m with Tom Robbins on this point. “It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.”

SealWhen approaching these prompts to becoming something other, make like this seal and get yourself into a quiet, receptive place. Enjoy becoming horse or iguana. Take your time lingering with iguana on that warm rock. Feel your iguana belly soaking up the warmth. Linger awhile over iguana’s forever.

Once you have tried my suggestions, try some animals you are curious about or particularly drawn to. I hope you get a kick out of this playtime and get inspired to explore further.

In my e-book there is more explanation about the best way to use the little poems as a starting point in your journey toward enhanced communication. Ask and it is yours.

An Introduction to Animal and Nature Communication – A Journey Toward Wholeness, e-mail me for a free copy.


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  1. I would love a copy of your book:An Introduction to Animal and Nature Communication – A Journey Toward Wholeness. I don’t have zipp file or a kindle, just e-pub. Thanks

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