Benny, Off the Leash

2 thoughts on “Benny, Off the Leash

  1. Benny outdoors! Great. Still: He always checks back if Mama Trish is around……. Clever dog! The reservoir looks very inviting. I guess, swimming there is prohibited….?

    • It’s still just filling for the first time so no human does anything in it yet. The water birds are enjoying it. Just after I shot this video Benny ran after some grebes that were about 50 feet from shore. His only water experiences to date have been in the creek where it is shallow enough everywhere to run around. So he went on a dash for those grebes and about 10 feet from shore the bottom fell away. He had the most shocked expression on his face before he started to swim for his life. It all happened so fast I couldn’t get at the camera but believe me, it was priceless :)

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