*Best Friend Best Teacher Phase III

You Can’t Just Sit on Blowtorch Hands

When we got back home, Alfie of course had joined me through the whole adventure, I got back to google and typed in ‘energy healing’. I really didn’t think I could just stick out a shingle. What would it say. Thought it might be nice to say SOMETHING someone might be able to recognize/relate to. Probably a certificate for something resembling whatever it is I do would be a good thing. So the search began for the words to be able to say what I do. In the meantime the war with Iraq was starting. I aimed my hands everywhere. The energy just kept flowing and I didn’t know yet how to cope with it so I sent it to all the people starting wars. Couldn’t hurt. ‘Do no harm.’

In my Internet search I came upon the Universal Life Church. Good to be a minister someone had said. OK. So I became an ordained minister for legal reasons but found a church I can get behind. Two tenants. The first is Absolute Freedom of Religion. The second is Only Do What is Good. Their whole premise is that you already ARE — so why not call yourself what you like. In the case of the ministry they make it legal for you. Having just become a spontaneous healer I believed this to be a very sound position. Still do. The ULC web site is also a huge wonderful resource for all things spiritual. It was there I found an Internet Reiki Certification Course. Other than the (no longer) secret symbols it sounded close enough to what I do to be able to suit my needs. The course was really rich in documentation from everywhere and I could use what I liked of it and either leave the rest or go back to it when needed. The attunements were remote but that didn’t worry me as I was already as attuned as I was going to get. It was a three-month course, very interesting and the attunements were lovely with warm loving energy from Jenna, my teacher on the east coast. I got hands on experience by doing free treatments.

Back in the seventies I was into all things weird but had left it off for Buddhism when I went to England to study the violin. It made the weird things a bit easier to take and while some thought it weird to practice Buddhism, at least I had centuries of history on my side of the argument. I came back to the states in 1984, found that the Buddhism I had happily practiced in England for the last 6 years was an entirely different beast here in the states and gradually left it behind along with all things weird. It had been a long, long time since I’d felt at home. Through my newly found and remembered interests I came back to myself.

Stay tunned for Phase IV

There is No Violin

2 thoughts on “*Best Friend Best Teacher Phase III

  1. Hi Marsha,

    Good to see you here again!

    As for suiting my needs I just thought it would be good to be certified in something. I still say I am a Reiki Master when marketing my energy healing just because it is something many people have heard of and may be able to relate to. I don’t use it as a system because I don’t even believe in systems — see *Healing and garden hoses


    but it is a good way to get the point of energy healing across to many.

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