Breakfast With Brody


Click on the photo to get the true heart connection here.

From LG who works at Healing HEART Sanctuary here in Kanab, “Sometimes I take my breakfast and go hang out with Brody, our six and a half month old nubian goat… at least we can have an uplifting conversation!!!!”

I expect a lot from this pair. I think Breakfast With Brody: The Movie will become a classic. In the meantime, check out Healing HEART Sanctuary and their work.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast With Brody

  1. This amazing little guy really has a lot to say. He was born with his front legs deformed and cannot walk on them… He is such a happy boy and walks mostly on his hind legs… We are in the process of having a chest device with a wheel attached being made by a prosthesis expert… We are very excited to see how this may give Brody more mobility!! Check out our fb page – Healing Heart Sanctuary – Kanab…. ((*_*))

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