*Breathing – A Simple Miracle

When we are healthy we don’t even think about breathing. When we have a breathing disorder we come to understand that it’s pretty important. In general though it is assumed that breathing just IS. And it IS. We don’t have to figure out how to do it, it doesn’t take any time at all, it is just there powering our bodies with all the oxygen we need. The same is true of our hearts pumping blood and our kidneys and liver filtering it and our gastrointestinal system processing food and, hey, our brains processing all the nitty gritty stuff of keeping it all going without conscious involvement. Isn’t that amazing? What if all of a sudden we had to work all of that out consciously?

So when I awaken in the morning and I’m still in a body and still breathing, WOW! It’s a miracle!! I Love when that happens!!! I think I will also love when it doesn’t happen too but in the meantime it is another day with which to enjoy this roller-coaster ride we call life. What a trip! How could I possibly dream up anything so rich and varied as this? A novel or play or movie or even the most outlandish performance of Grand Opera could never touch it. The Sims, what a laugh. Disney World eat your heart out – you can never rival the real deal. Ain’t Life Grand!!! Trish

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