It’s Been a Very Good Year

I haven’t been blogging much so I’ll just catch up with this post. Besides hiking 800 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail this spring and summer, this is my other accomplishment for the year. National Novel Writing Month Winner! Yes, it’s been a hell of a good year!


I AM that old woman On the PCT

In the PURPLE BLAZE pack

With neon pink running shorts that don’t go and don’t suit me
I am spending my SS on UL backpacking gear
And Bedrock sandals, and say I’ve no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the trail when I’m tired
And gobble up samples in shops, run my trekking polls along the wrong path,
Learn to spit, blow snot rockets and poop in the woods
This is a warning
I AM TrailTrish

My New Ride

I have just met a major life goal!!! I feel like superwoman!!!

It may not seem like much but I have wanted, for years, to be able to rely less on my car. Since I live over 3 miles from town, that has been a matter of being able to walk or bike the miles it takes to get to town, do my chores and, more importantly, be able to get back home alive.

Since deciding to do the PCT (way more miles a day than it takes to do a shopping trip to town) I have been walking to town a few times a week. That has been working out well but it does take a lot of time.

A couple of years ago I got a nice bike. It’s purple. Some of you KNOW what that means. It’s special. But when I got on it, my legs turned to wet noodles after a spin around the block. So I’ve been walking all these miles but biking has just been out of reach.


Well I am proud to announce that with my strength building regimen and far more walking and climbing than I’ve done before, I AM AT LAST ABLE TO RIDE MY BIKE INTO TOWN, AROUND TOWN, AND BACK AGAIN, WITHOUT FALLING OVER WHEN I GET OFF AT THE END OF THE RIDE!!! WooHoo!!!

So I have met a longtime goal of being able to get to town on my own steam whenever I like!

For my next trick I will walk from Mexico to Canada. Stay tuned.

I was struck by this photo this morning…

This amazing photo was posted this morning on Facebook by Lynn Schooler who is a photographer/writer/adventurer living in Juneau, Alaska. Sometimes something just strikes me! This is one of those things.

tracksinthesnowAn old track on a gravel bar a mile or so up the river, made when a fresh snow was still soft, then froze hard, filled in under a later fall of cold, dry snow that blew away and left the filled impression. A little bit small to be a wolf, but somehow different than most coyote. Maybe a dog, I guess, but it was in a place that requires some scrambling and not many people ever go. Sometimes you just can’t be sure. Lynn Schooler

And I say, whoever left that print left us something amazing. Isn’t it good to know that just walking around, not trying for anything at all, we may be leaving something beautiful in our wake. Maybe we always are.


This is Where ya Wanna Be

Watch it – You’ll want to join me on the PCT!!!