*Everything Is Made Of Heaven

Another delight from Justin;

Everything Is Made Of Heaven

by Justin Blackburn
Author Of New Great Poetry Book “It’s Hard To Get There When You Are Already There”

Did you know everything is made of heaven?
Even the grease of the used car salesman
Even the cigarette smoking cancerous claims
Even the dirty money adults cry for
Even the starving faceless morning
Even the thoughts you do not want to tell people
Even the people that you hate,
Yes everything is made of heaven
And everything is given you a choice to do
Whatever you wish with your heavenly bliss.
All you can do is your best to deny it.
You are your fate,
Grateful trick carousel fate.

And I never knew the true hilarity
Of the good day joke dreams
Until I knew I was beautiful alone.
Broken mirror, proud swords
Biting into a parking lot
Reviewing my fate.
I have been standing at heaven’s gate all my life
All I had to do was look deep down inside
And let myself in.
I never even had to knock
I am the key and I am the lock.

Now I am always in heaven
Whether I know it or not,
Whether I rot in the fungus of my false phony pain,
Whether I blame my beauty on another character in the play,
Whether I feel your love and throw it away,
I am in heaven always.
That is the only plague,

So let heaven be heaven,
Heaven is my only true name.
Heaven is the place I choose to create
Now that I care to know I can.
Now that I deserve heaven.

Heaven is only a matter of understanding the choice you make.
Heaven is as simple as being locked in a prison full of demons
And sharing your grace by singing them all to sleep
Heaven is as simple as accepting your divinity
And believing that you can create anything
Heaven is as simple as saying yes to heaven.

Heaven is always there
Heaven is only being aware you are in heaven.
Heaven exists anywhere you let it.
Some people find heaven in being afraid to ask
Some people find heaven in the past
Some people find heaven in the eyes of their mother
Some people find heaven in their sad lover
Some people find heaven in breath
Some people find heaven in death
Some people find heaven in music
Some people find heaven in dreams
Some people find heaven in problems
I say let everything we think go to heaven
So we can find heaven in everything

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