*Fire the Grid – July 17th 11:11 AM GMT

Hi All,

I usually don’t go in for all these meditations for specific things at specific times. I go for a continual meditative practice and don’t feel the need for these spurts that are always coming along. I am generally (I do have my ups and downs:) fully engaged already. This however is something that I am going to make a point of being there for. Please go to this site, www.firethegrid.org, choose your language and read “The Story” It starts out sounding like all the rest and yes I was bored with it right away (they all start out the same) but saved it for later to continue reading (something I seldom do). I’m glad I did. It was enough to carry me through to reading “The Problem” and on to “The Plan” The gist of the plan is a one hour global meditation that is to occur on July 17, 11:11 AM GMT. For that one hour we can choose to believe that all can be healed. Join me?


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