Having one of Those Days?

There is one in every office.

There’s one in every office.

That’s my caption for this little gem. I would love it if you would leave a comment with your caption.

7 thoughts on “Having one of Those Days?

  1. Oh my dear dear TRISH!!! I am laughing my face off over your caption and the image. I wish you could hear me.

    My caption has to be applied to repeated watchings of this clip. LOL!! :)

    “Take THAT and THAT and THAT!! And you thought you were so great!” LOLOLOLOL!!!

    I just love you Trish. You have made my WHOLE WEEK!!
    Hugging you!

    • Oh Robin, I think there have been a few other things to make your week – Like preparing for a book signing in NYC! Take THAT and THAT and THAT!! And you think you are so great! BECAUSE YOU ARE! Don’t take any guff in the Big Apple Robin.

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