I was struck by this photo this morning…

This amazing photo was posted this morning on Facebook by Lynn Schooler who is a photographer/writer/adventurer living in Juneau, Alaska. Sometimes something just strikes me! This is one of those things.

tracksinthesnowAn old track on a gravel bar a mile or so up the river, made when a fresh snow was still soft, then froze hard, filled in under a later fall of cold, dry snow that blew away and left the filled impression. A little bit small to be a wolf, but somehow different than most coyote. Maybe a dog, I guess, but it was in a place that requires some scrambling and not many people ever go. Sometimes you just can’t be sure. Lynn Schooler

And I say, whoever left that print left us something amazing. Isn’t it good to know that just walking around, not trying for anything at all, we may be leaving something beautiful in our wake. Maybe we always are.


One thought on “I was struck by this photo this morning…

  1. I like your optimistic approach. Rather than seeing the sinister side you view this foot print as a message of hope. It made me realize how out of tune I am right now with positive feelings. Thank you for this….

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