*Just One Little Thing

There is a woman I work with who is very involved with animals in several different helping ways. I won’t even try to innumerate them here because there are many ways she is influential in the really BIG picture, it is late and it would take forever to explain, and really it doesn’t matter all that much anyway.

I am just here to say I love her dearly. Why? Well that is simple. I often have to call her on her cell phone and when she isn’t there to answer I get her message which is like many others you get when you call many other people. The one little thing that makes me love her unconditionally is that she says at the end of her message “And have a WONDERFUL day” in a way that always makes me smile. I know she means it. It actually helps me HAVE a wonderful day. How wonderful is that?!

And I say to myself, isn’t it wonderful that she can have such an influence on me because I know she means that one little thing.


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