Lesson From Cat

sunnysleepyI just looked at my cat and “got” that there is just so much of life that I can’t fathom. It is a profound knowing that I don’t know much at all. I have lived with this cat for 10 years now and I have talked with this cat and my students have talked with this cat but I still don’t know the depths from which his life springs. Every time I look at him lately I get this vast unknowingness. He is always the one who shows me the way and now he is showing me how little I know – can possibly know about any of us. It’s always been there within all life – this sense of AWE at the unknowingness – but it’s my cat that points it out so I can see.

6 thoughts on “Lesson From Cat

  1. It took some time for me to realize that Jake came to me as my teacher, not my cute little puppy-boy. Well, he’s that too, but so much more than that behind the curls.

  2. It does get kind of complicated – cute little puppy-boy – vast being conveying universal truth. I’m just glad my teachers came to me in such delightful, lovable packages!

    Your puppy-boy is DARLING!

  3. Trish, this was such a wonder to read… and synchronicity strikes! I just posted a cat story on my blog… And I have no idea why (I’ve never been drawn or inclined to do this before)… Must have been on the same wavelength~wow!

    Love your comments on unknowingness…

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