My Feet & The Headless Way

As far as I can tell, without looking in a mirror, this is how I look.

Me in Summer. summer_feet

Me in Spring. feet

Sometimes my feet are at rest, the times I am still long enough to record me digitally, and sometimes I am walking. Maybe I will take a video of me walking sometime.

Really though, from what I can see without a mirror, this is pretty much me in spring and summer. Guess I’ll have to document me in the fall and winter as well. Maybe this thing about needing no mirrors to see this part of yourself is why some people have such a thing about shoes. Makes sense to me when seen from that perspective.

Undoubtedly you will notice I have no head when I look at myself with no mirror. It is true that I can see myself, from the front, nearly up to my neck if I try. But that’s about it. Mostly there are hands and feet to be aware of since that is usually where all the action is.

So, since that is all there is within your vision of yourself, as within my vision of myself, I am suggesting that you take it the next best step in becoming and adopt, as a philosophy of life, The Headless Way.

“Behead yourself!” Rumi

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