One Truth

I found this quote thismorning from one of my tweeps @naturalmind

“There is only one truth that no mouth can utter; the rest are just stories about the same old tale…” – Yosi, the poet

Well there you have the crux of the matter; “one truth that no mouth can utter”. In trying to get to the crux of the matter (of all that is) we tell our stories to each other in an attempt to get at that one truth which will banish suffering and bring peace and real understanding to each individual. The most fortunate among us see and feel it and try to help others to see and feel it but our stories can, at best, be but a spark which may or may not ignite the knowing of true essence in another and at worst lead people down yet another garden path. If stories worked to achieve real personal understanding the great religious literature from all cultures would have long since enlightened everyone on the planet and we could eliminate discussing this stuff, yet here we are forever going on about the nature of our reality. It’s pitiful and funny – funny like the universe is funny.

12 thoughts on “One Truth

  1. I don’t ask why any more as I’m fully satisfied that I will never know the real why of anything much at all. I would say though that while we don’t share individual lives we do share the one.

  2. Trish… we’re on the same wavelength again! I’m guessing that this verges more on the funny side rather than the pitiful.

    But I could be wrong. 😉 LOL.

    My Christmas Eve post is just a different shade of yours. The only word that comes to mind is brilliant.

    Yep. We’re brilliant.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Dear Trish,

    LOLOL!!! I just love how you tell it like it is. Funny, wise and all the rest thrown together make for an fascinating and delightful Trish Scott, one I love.

    I also LOVE this post. I too have had these exact thoughts. I have a line that I wrote for one of my books that says: “While we humans sit in staid halls filled with stale air, and endlessly ruminate the world’s philosophies, the world goes on without us. Ultimate we must experience Life to KNOW Life.”

    And yet I acknowledge and truly honor that each soul walks its own path and in its own time. We are all so unique. I find THAT fascinating.

    Thank you for all you contribute to my life. You are such a fine wit and wisdom. AND TRULY UNIQUE!!


  4. I would also add here: That I no longer need to know the “why”. More often than not I don’t give a rat’s aspirator about the “why”…I guess because I’m too busy living each moment. …and I now trust Life so fully that I KNOW she will shove in my face anything that I need to know the “why” of. LOL!!! I love that about Life.

    Hugging you,

    • rainforestrobin is new to me but I would recognise you anywhere Robin. And “…a rat’s aspirator…” Ha! Laughed MY aspirator off! My fellow Utahans will be happy to have a new non-swear swear word to add to their lexicons. I too love that I don’t need to worry about getting whatever it is I am to get, fully trusting I’ll get it when I need it. Takes the pressure off – Phew.

      Hugging you back :)

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