Self & Other

I just put a new page up today, Becoming Other, which lets you stick your toe into the waters of intuitive animal communication in a quiet, easy, enjoyable way. In the journey taken to communicate with non human beings, an amazing thing takes place – people come to know themselves on a very different level from the ordinary – a deep and true level of absolute belonging.

Today I came across this quote which I, and others have found so true. This is the essence of any meaningful communication with any species, including our own.

“Appearances are deceptive. To see clearly, your mind must be pure and unattached. Unless you know yourself well, how can you know another? And when you know yourself—you are the other.” Nisargadatta Majaraj – I am That ch-84

To find the “pure and unattached” within yourself, you might want to try the pointers in this post. It may help to get you started in that direction.

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