She/he thinks the world revolves around him/her

People are always saying, “She/he thinks the world revolves around him/her.” This is always said with a holier than thou tone like, “I of course would never think such a thing”. I ask you, who the hell else is the world going to revolve around than WHATEVER individual we are talking about? Of COURSE the world revolves around separate individuals, as long as they/we insist on being separate. That’s how it works! This is MY world, it is about Me. This is YOUR world. It revolves around YOU. It isn’t until we awaken to the ground of all being that the apparent separation changes into – HA! But try to tell people, HA! and they get all offended. HA! 

4 thoughts on “She/he thinks the world revolves around him/her

  1. Ain’t this the truth:) Just discovered your writings here, Trish. Don’t know how I managed to miss them up to now. Good stuff.

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