*The Known Universe

Quiet some time ago I came up with this but it’s easy to forget. There are just so many ways to view truth. I love this one though and am putting it here as a reminder to self.

I was considering that the body is within my mind so clearing the body was really just a matter of clearing the mind. Didn’t need to worry about the body at all. Forget the spacious cells and white tornadoes. Just flood the mind and the body would follow. I was seeing my mind as a big egg encompassing my body. So as I was flooding this mind with light I realized that my mind actually encompasses my entire known world/universe. So I had to make my egg A LOT bigger. Ok so here I am with my universe within my mind egg realizing that all I have to do is change my mind! Flood the sucker with light! and change EVERYTHING! Because just as my body is within my mind so is all that is known to me.

‘Tis said that if one part of the whole gets it right, the whole will be right since it is all a hologram. Any part of a hologram can create the whole, just as any of our cells can re-create the whole of our body. So I believe this hologram thing. If it works in a part (our bodies) it must work for the whole (all that is).

So if we really just change our minds…

And and and…

Your known universe is very different from my known universe! There are parts that lightly touch and maybe even strongly intersect, but yours is yours and mine is mine and those intersections where we meet lightly and strongly form the cosmic web! So while we are together we really do still live in our own little world=vast universe that is entirely of our own making! At last God shows him/her/itself!HA!!!!!

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