*The Truth About Truth

:) Love this one!

“I never know how much of what I say is true.” Bette Midler

I resemble that! For years now I have said, “If you are taking down what I have to say, do it in pencil.” Things change and truth is mutable. I sometimes take a look through my Random Rants on my web site trying to find something I know I said once — usually when I am feeling way too lazy to go through writing it all again — and as I read I can see that there are contradictions everywhere but still truths everywhere as well. Truth, like nonsense, just bubbles up all over the place and it is hard to keep it from bubbling up in much of what we say! It is context that makes the difference. And the day of the week, the hour and the circumstance. Everything is true! Nothing is true. Whatever. It’s fun playing around with it. Screaming at each other about it though is just nonsense and I am bored by it. I would like to see a day when we can just be kind with each other about our truths and our nonsense.

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