*This will blow your mind

Your mind is way more powerful than you thought. Here is an easy way to prove it!

To play the mind game with fingers—line up the base of the fingers of both hands so that you can compare the lengths of the fingers of each hand. If one hand has shorter fingers use that hand for the demonstration, if the fingers of both hands are the same length, use either hand. Put one hand down and raise the other hand with the fingers slightly stretched open. Close you eyes for a minute or two, all the while telling the fingers of the raised hand to grow longer, longer, longer. Open your eyes and compare the hands. The fingers you concentrated on will be longer –for me sometimes almost 3/8 inch Then you tell your fingers to go back to normal and they do. You can also reverse it and tell the fingers to get shorter and they do. Then tell them to go back to normal. Chunyi Lin says that the fingers change because you are putting energy into the joints —-This is designed to be a demonstration of how fast the mind can make a difference in the body.

And along the same lines;

Many of you may already be aquainted with Miraculous Messages from Water but if not click here to see what your thoughts can do with water. Do keep in mind that your body is mostly water. Miraculous Messages from Water

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