Walking the Dog

Benny and I walk about 3 miles a day. That is usually split between two walks and we usually go the same way every day. I’m just a creature of habit but it’s also a route in which it is always different and quiet and we meet with a minimum of distraction.

My son asked me to take photos of my life’s places and he would put together a video for my site. Sounds fun, so here are some previews of my places. These have all been taken in the last few days as Benny and I do what we do.

Click on the photos to get the full impact!

bigpictureThe Big Picture


bunchgrassBunch Grass

A roadside of bunch grass.roadwithbunchgrass

littlewhtflowerTiny dime size flowers

Small flowers with cedar post.flowerandpost

The old corral.corral


View of sewage pond.towardponds

The lonely hydrant.lonelyhydrant

rc Salt grass with cactus and sage.


And the less neglected – at least it’s red – fire hydrant.

So that’s my world. Yes, there is a town close by. There are people there, but this is really my space. My other home is cyberspace. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

  1. Beautiful walk. Love it. The flowers – almost like in our Alps. The space – mmmhhhhh, delicious. Wish I could be there now….. Our skies are covered, our country is overpopulated – very few and rather remote places where I could say “This is my space.”

    • When you come in Oct. you can take the same walk whenever you like. It is right outside the front door of the guest house you will be renting.

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