Healing, Grounding & Wholeness

This is something that was essentially channeled. I had finished a meditation
on the first day of the harmonic concordance Nov. 8, 2003 and just
sat down and wrote it. During my meditation I had been considering
the fact that all people must essentially come to their own healing
and that intervention is only satisfactory if it sparks that self
healing in another. I’m just going to put it down the way I “got”
it without editing or further editorials.

groundingThere can’t be a particular method of healing — as a healer just listen and respond. The client finds their own way through this interaction.

LISTEN — then respond. Do not come to the table with any expectations of what is needed or how to accomplish anything.


No preconceptions

No expectations

Through this interaction Both Client and healer find their way toward the wholeness of the segment they spend together. That becomes the rock hitting the pond and goes on forever in every direction.

Wholeness in this segment — Wholeness in that segment as they come along.

For yourself it is the same process

Listen Respond


Learn what there is to learn along the way — this method — that method — all the more to respond with. But the modality is secondary to the 1st rule.

Listen Respond

Trust the response

Must learn to truly listen — that is the work of the healer. Listen with that other mind that is calm and open to WHATEVER comes to it so are able to respond in the clear.

Clearing the mind of clutter allows that other mind to hear and respond.

Clearing the mind is the work of the healer.

Ground every fiber of your body and let everything of you, personality — ideas — skills — prejudice — all constructs of what reality is — Let it all FLOW OUT through the roots of every fiber into the earth.

Every fiber is connected to the earth — allow the flow into the earth — then allow the earth energy to flow back.

This is your STRENGTH

This is your CALLING

above_belowEvery fiber of being on the planet — including energy bodies — is rooted in earth and in heaven. You can see it either way — Rooted in heaven with tentacles in earth or rooted in earth with tentacles in heaven. Same thing. Whatever words we use the matrix of being just is. We are a simple/profound part of that. Slug of earth/creator of worlds — Same thing. Interconnectedness is the wrong concept — it implies that there are different things to connect. Contiguous would be a better term. We are one contiguous being — earth– moon — sun — planets — space — universe — all that is — slug — ant — human — God — CONTIGUOUS — the only borders being as unreal as the borders of country’s, states, towns.

Each point (creature planet whatever) has different — varying experience just as one portion of the brain is used for sight , another for smell. All together we have adventures. Individually we have adventures.

Rooted ness — up down sideways and into all the dimensions we don’t see — that is the key to ALL — EVERYTHING you ever want or need to know. Can your poor brain wrap itself around the experience of the whole today? Not in conscious awareness. But when there is desire or need to fill — information can be at hand through THE ROOT SYSTEM. Put out your roots and suck up nutrients!

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