The White Tornado

This is an energy cleansing technique I have been sharing with my students for years and thought I’d like to share it here. I call it The White Tornado

tornadoJust imagine cleansing energy from the universe swirling over your head creating a white tornado from all the goodness of source and then funnel it down into your body through your crown chakra. It keeps swirling throughout your body cleaning out any gunk that has accumulated since the last time, just cleansing cleansing cleansing as it goes, grabbing gunk from each cell and just spinning everything clean. Finally it exits into the earth to be transmuted.

It’s good to do it every morning when you awaken. Night dirt you know. You can do it whenever you feel the need during the day. It only takes a few seconds for a quickie or you can linger over it awhile in quiet times.

A variation of this that is a super powerful technique is to see each cell of your body as a small body with all the chakras and everything. Each cell IS capable of reproducing you, so to me this is not a stretch. You can think of each cell, it’s own body getting the white tornado through it’s crown chakara and utilizing it the same way as your whole body does.

Once you get this concept going easily, you can think of each breath you take as having this effect, in breath — in comes the tornado to each cell — out breath — out goes the gunk to be transmuted in all that is. This can go on with every breath you take in awareness all day long. Your cells will tingle and love you for this kind attention and your body will become the perfect antenna it was meant to be, picking up vibes accurately, and connecting soul to physicality perfectly, making your journey in 3D comfortable and secure.

It helps — can be fun — with the cell tornados if you make your body very large. As large as the universe if you like. ENJOY!

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