What You Can’t Say

Ever had to keep your thoughts to yourself? Sometimes who you are, like a psychic or animal communicator or energy healer for instance ūüėČ is so far out of the current fashion of thinking that it seems best just to shut up and get on with it so as not to be tossed into the bin.

My mother got tossed into the bin for seeing things and hearing things that other people agreed weren’t real. Had she been from an¬†indigenous¬†culture anywhere in the world she’d have been made a Shaman. Here in the 1950’s US she was¬†declared¬†mad.

From that, I learned my lesson and shut up about my own experiences for most of my life, but in the last decade those of us who have lived silently with “gifts” others have always ridiculed and punished, have been able to gingerly peek out of the closet.

I’ve just come across an excellent article on this “moral fashion”¬†phenomenon. If you have ever had to shut up about certain things within yourself or out in the world that are labeled in a negative way, do yourself a favor and read this article.

It’s a longish read. Read it anyway. What You Can’t Say.


h/t @BeyondMeds

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