Whispering Desert – Sagebrush

sageWhat do you think of when you think of Sagebrush?

Do you think of the wild west and cowboys? Do you recall sweet scents after a monsoonal rain? Have you ever been covered with ticks after hiking through hot dusty sage all day? Do you remember the scent of hot dusty sage? Do you know sage at all?

Can you think of another name for that particular green? Can you find that color of house paint anywhere?

Do you smudge a new home with sage? Have you ever thought of doing that? How many uses do Native Americans have for sage? Are there medicinal uses? Can you make tea from it?

How do people living in cities find sage to smudge their houses? Do you live in a city far from sage? Do you recall the wet scent? The dry? Did you ever smell sage at all?

Have you ever felt the majesty of his presence? Do you bow to that in your heart?


Hat tip to The-Interrogative-Mood-P-S

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