Whispering Desert

redroad.jpgMy patch of the planet.

I’m dipping my toe into a possible book project. I’m calling it Whispering Desert as a working title. I intend to express some intuitive impressions from the plants, and perhaps some of the small creatures I find on my patch of the planet. I’ll start by putting each raw piece up on my blog then storing them together under this page as I’m working with it. This is my back burner where works in progress are hanging out.

I’m inspired by the old Victorian/Edwardian ladies country diary’s with sketches on one page and the blurb about the plant or animal on the facing page. I would like to do sketches of each subject eventually but that takes some drawing chops I have yet to master. For now, and maybe forever, photos will do.

2 thoughts on “Whispering Desert

    • Thanks! Maybe you missed those I have done. Hover over the link Whispering Desert and there are three plants up. They just get tweaked from time – thus, back burner. I’m taking the Nature Writing Kanab Class and learning as I go :)

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